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Is your refrigerator not cooling, making too much noise, lights not working, cooling too much, Ice dispenser not working, Excessive frost in the freezer, Water leakage, or Issues with the door or whatever maybe give us a call today so that we can give your appliance the justice it deserves


Have you started noticing that your dryer is not working well, not drying clothes properly, Making too much noise while working, the drum not spinning, the dryer not getting hot, the clothes dryer is not turning on, the dryer cycle takes too long to spin, dryer work for short period, Extremely high heat from dryer?Whatever it is call us and ease your problem


Is your dishwasher not draining, leaking water,smells, dishwasher is not cleaning your dishes, very noisy, do not drain properly, taking too long to wash dishes, dishwasher is not turning on or starting, whatever it is make us call and resolve your problem.


Have you noticed that your microwave takes too long or is not warming up, has Noisy Operation, Microwave stopping mid-way, burning smell from the microwave? Give us a call today to put your appliance back in shape.


Do you have a gas or an electrical oven and have noticed that the light is not turning on, the range burner won’t heat up, oven temperature is too high or low, oven door is jammed or won’t latch? Mr Equity techs specializes with gas and electrical ovens. Do not hesitate to contact us today.



Is your washer leaking, making noises, moving around, won’t spin, won’t fill with water, showing error codes? the washer door doesn’t open or close, the washer won’t drain / washer clogged, washer has an odor, washer won’t turn on whatever it may be call us today, customers are our main priority.

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